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If your child is struggling to sound out words and is also mispronouncing some sounds in English, they *may* have dyslexia. Continue reading to see what we know from the current research that's out there.

Dyslexia is:

  • ​Present from birth (it doesn't just show up out of nowhere)

  • Can be identified as early as Kindergarten

  • More common than any other learning ​disability

  • A breakdown in phonological awareness 

  • Responsive to expert and informed instruction (YAY!)​


Early signs of possible dyslexia:
-Family history of reading and/or language impairments
-Difficulties in oral language and/or articulation
-Trouble learning letter names and sounds

*Writing letters/numbers backwards can be a NORMAL part of development up until grade 4. So, it's important to see a speech therapist to truly determine the root cause of your child's struggles!

Dyslexia Article Image.png


Reading process

Just take a second and look over Scarborough's Reading Rope visual. It's a lot of information isn't it? Reading is a very complicated, thorough, multifaceted process. If there is a breakdown in any one of those threads, your child's reading would be negatively impacted. 

Specifically, dyslexia is the breakdown at the level of Word Recognition in the Phonological Awareness category. They may have difficulty with rhyming, sound-letter correspondence, segmenting and blending sounds, or breaking words into syllables.

The good news is that a speech therapist is an expert in this field and can help your child improve in this area to establish healthy and strong reading patterns! 

Does this sound like something your child might need help with?
Contact me today and let's talk :)​

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