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The complex process of reading


Kids who are exposed to more than one language may have difficulty establishing a truly strong English language foundation. This weak foundation leads to struggling in reading, writing, and speaking in any language. 

If you take a look at Scarborough's Reading Rope you'll see how the process of reading alone is so incredibly intricate and complex. Add on learning another language and this system can get very jumbled if your child doesn't have a strong foundation in their primary language. 

Having your child learn and practice the English alphabet from an early age can help build a strong foundation for later reading and writing. Use the alphabet tracing and coloring pages shown above to help them learn and remember their letters at home!

Most kids will reach the fully integrated skilled reading by around grade 4. However, this can be tricky and tedious for kids who are learning in a multilingual environment.  For example, most of the local schools in Switzerland don't teach English vowel teams like "ea" in "beach" and kids end up reading and writing these words incorrectly. They continue through school without truly learning this concept creating a minor tear in that reading rope that can cause some trouble later on. They need to be directly and explicitly taught these types of concepts and have lots of practice using them!  

This is merely one example of how or why your child may be struggling if they're learning in more than one language. English support can help fill in these gaps and decrease the time and amount of struggles for your child academically.

The earlier these gaps are addressed the better! Contact us now to see how we can work together to help support your child's English today!

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