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Is your child going to school where they don't speak or learn English? Make sure they build their English language skills by having fun with these alphabet coloring pages! In some of the local schools they do not teach the English alphabet so if you want to make sure your child can read and write in English as they get older, you need to make sure they learn the English alphabet. 


The Science/Research:

It takes students HUNDREDS of exposure to LEARN the letters and their names/sounds! HUNDREDS! And for kids who are exposed to more than one language or may have an underlying language disorder, this may take even more exposure to remember them! So....use these Alphabet tracing pages to help your child learn their letter names and sound.


This packet is ANIMAL THEMED for all my fellow animal lovers out there :) JUST PRINT and GO!


You will get:

  • 26 pages in total
  • 1 page for each letter of the alphabet

Alphabet Tracing

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