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As a parent, you know that emotions are something you need to help your kids understand. But what if you could do it while playing with playdoh?


Introducing Emotions Playdoh Mats: the perfect way to give your kids the vocabulary they need to describe how they're feeling! Just print out our fun, colorful mats and use them in conjunction with playdoh (or other manipulatives) to help your child describe their emotions.


Emotions are a part of life, whether you're a grown-up or a kid. And no matter what your age, it's important to know how to describe how you feel. 


Emotion Playdoh Mats are a set of Playdoh mats that help kids learn about emotions and how to describe them by playing with Playdoh. It's the perfect way for parents to teach their kids about emotions while having fun at home together!


Each mat features a different emotion word and picture, so no matter which one you choose—happy, sad, shocked, or mad—your child will be able to learn the meaning of each word while having fun!


What's included:

  • The emotion words are traceable to teach spelling and writing.
  • 10 blank faces for kids to create their own emotions and write their own feelings too!



  • Put each sheet in a plastic page protector or laminate it for repeat use!

Emotions Playdoh Mats

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