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🃏Why CVC Words?

The first type of words that kids learn to read is called CVC words. This stands for Consonant Vowel Consonant and they're the easiest to sound out and read.


🃏Why? In CVC words each letter has its own sound and can be clearly sounded out and then blended to read the whole word. Easy Peasy! By having your child learn these words when they first start to read (ages 5 or older), you are setting them up for success in developing a strong foundation of reading skills!


🃏Use these CVC playing cards to help students learn their short vowel sounds! Use the activities as beginning/middle/end-of-year check-ins for how your students are reading, or PARENTS use these at home to help your child maintain their English skills!


🚼Start exposing your little ones as young as 2 years of age to these simple words!


🔤The activities focus on letter-sound and sound-letter correspondence using orthographic mapping and are based on the Science of Reading and the Simple View of Reading principles :) Have fun learning English🤓!


🔍The Science/Research:

It takes students HUNDREDS of exposure to LEARN the letters and their names/sounds! HUNDREDS! And for students who are exposed to more than one language or may have an underlying language disorder, this may take even more exposure to remember them! So, the more practice they have the better readers they will become! :)


✔Ways to USE this product:

  • CARD GAMES: GO FISH!, War, Memory, etc.
  • Repeat Use: Laminate for repeated uses
  • Centers/Stations: Place at a center or station in your classroom
  • Home practice over school breaks/holidays: Send home for students to practice over holiday breaks so they don't forget this information!
  • Make it FUN: Use letter stickers, letter stamps, dry-erase markers, etc. to write and color and make it fun


✔WHO is this product for:

  • Students who are learning the short vowel sounds and starting to blend sounds together to read CVC words


WHAT is in this product:

  • 160 CVC word playing cards
  • Color and Black & White version included


Don’t Forget!

  • If you have any questions or problems with this product please contact me!

Playing Cards / Flash Cards

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