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When you see your child's tongue push forward, through the front teeth, and out of their mouth while talking or swallowing, this is called a tongue thrust. This is a natural part of development but should be gone by age 6! 

You shouldn't be able to see your older child's tongue when they're talking. If their tongue sticks out between their front teeth where you can visibly see it, they will need specific instruction and exercises to fix this movement into a "mature" swallow where the tongue moves back instead of forward. 


In order to "fix" this forward tongue movement, we use specific research-based exercises to retrain the muscles in the face and mouth. This is called Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

Your child's Orthodontist may refer you to a Speech Therapist to fix a tongue thrust as it pushes the teeth forward and can cause swallowing and eating problems as well.

Does your child have a tongue thrust?


Call me today and let's see how I can help! 

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