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The Speech Therapist

English speech therapy and English support for children. Serving Zurich Switzerland and the surrounding areas.
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articulation disorders are focused on at The Speech therapist in Zurich Switzerland

Speech Sound Disorders

If your child has trouble pronouncing some sounds and is difficult to understand at times, this might be for you. For example, if your child is saying "wabbit" for "rabbit" or "thit" for "sit" this would be considered an articulation disorder for some ages. A Speech Therapist would be able to tell you if this is normal for your child's age or not. Keep reading to find out more about Speech Sound Disorders and how Speech therapy can help.

Expressve and receptive language disorders are focused on at The Speech therapist in Zurich Switzerland

Expressive/Receptive Disorders

Does your child have trouble getting their thoughts across either verbally or in writing? Receptive Language involves understanding what people are saying as well as what is written in text. Expressive language involves using words and sentences to communicate both orally and in writing. Dyslexia may cause your child to struggle in either or both of these. Speech therapy can help your child communicate successfully in each of these areas.

Social language is important for children to understand

Difficulty with the English Language

Children who grow up in an environment where more than one language is spoken can be exciting and rewarding. However, some kids may need a little extra support in establishing a solid primary language. Without a stable foundation in ONE language, it can be difficult for kids to learn and progress in another language. We can help your child fill in the gaps of the English language foundation and help them succeed in a multilingual world!


Parent Consultations

As a parent, you are the expert in your child, culture, home, daily routine, etc. As a speech therapist, I am an expert in child speech and language development. It is important to work together to create an all-encompassing support team to ensure your child succeeds. I will give you explicit instructions on techniques for you to incorporate into your daily routines making it feel fun and natural while also helping to develop your child’s language skills.

Dyslexia Article Image.png

Reading Difficulties

The term dyslexia is used to describe a person’s difficulty reading printed words. That means the student has difficulty understanding how sounds go together to create words. This makes it difficult for the student to read/decode a printed word (sound out the letters and put them together to form a word) as well as to spell words correctly. They require specific and explicit instruction to help with these problems. That's where I come in!

Tongue thrust switzerland

Tongue Thrust

When the tongue moves forward between the front teeth during speech and/or swallowing this is can a tongue thrust. This is a normal part of infant development but should be gone by the age of 6 (if not sooner)! A tongue thrust that continues into childhood causes poor dentition, abnormal jaw and face development along with speech and swallowing problems. So, if you think your child may have a tongue thrust and shouldn't, call me today, I can help!



online speech therapy in English in Zurich Switzerland

In this new phase of our society where we are more conscious than ever about our health and safety, speech therapy sessions online is just one solution that may be right for you and your family.
When speech therapy is provided over a video conferencing tool, it is called Teletherapy. You can stay rest assured that your child is completely safe AND still receiving the speech therapy your child needs and deserves. 
In our Online Speech Room via Zoom, we have everything your child needs to not just meet their goals but excel! Research even shows online sessions are effective for toddlers. 
We are based in Zurich and can help anyone in Switzerland. Click on What is Teletherapy? and Ages for Teletherapy to find out more.


The Speech Therapist

American trained and certified
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Liz Vanderbrouk, the founder of The Speech Therapist Switzerland, is originally from the state of Texas in the United States of America but is now living in Zurich with her husband and two dogs (who would be happy to attend therapy sessions if wanted!). Liz has over ten years of teaching and classroom experience, including working with both monolingual and multi-lingual students.
She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from the University of Texas as well as a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders (that's the fancy term for Speech Language Pathology) from the University of Houston. 

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