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When children have difficulty producing sounds of the language, they can be difficult to understand by their parents, teachers, or friends. This is called an articulation (or speech sound) disorder and can be frustrating to everyone involved! That’s where speech therapy comes in. 

 By the time your child is:
1 year old: 25% intelligible to strangers
2 years old: 50% intelligible to strangers
3 years old: 75% intelligible to strangers
4 years old: 100% intelligible to strangers

 By the time your child is:
6 years old: they are producing all consonants correctly

The speech therapy session is focused on helping the child produce the sounds accurately and clearly, resulting in intelligible (understandable) speech. Instruction is focused on consistent and correct tongue, lip, and mouth placement for clear productions of all sounds of the English language. We start with mastering the sound in isolation and move up the hierarchy to producing the sound correctly in conversation. And viola! No more frustration!
Contact us now for free and no commitment to find out which speech therapy service could benefit your child. We have an office in Zurich, can drive to your house,  AND are available for online sessions

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