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Use these customizable name books at any time of the year as a special treat for your kids! Just type in their name and the WHOLE BOOK AUTOPOPULATES with their name! Print one for each child or make it special for a birthday surprise! :) NO PREP, JUST PRINT!


🔎The Science/Research:

It takes students HUNDREDS of exposure to LEARN the letters and their names/sounds! HUNDREDS! And for students who are exposed to more than one language or may have an underlying language disorder, this may take even more exposure to remember them! So, the more practice they have the better readers they will become! :)


🌈WHO is this product for:

  • Students who are learning the alphabet and how to read and write

🌈WHAT is in this product:

  • 20 different pages for the Name Book: 10 different pages with 2 pages of the book on each page
  • Cutting and gluing also included to further reinforce fine motor skills

My Name Book

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