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🚀Introducing the Space Playdoh Mat set, a fantastic tool to ignite your little ones' curiosity and expand their knowledge about outer space! This engaging set consists of 15 diverse mats showcasing planets, stars, and an array of space-related vocabulary.


🚀Designed to enhance fine motor skills, these mats also provide a valuable opportunity for children to learn vocabulary about the universe. Additionally, the set includes traceable space words, enabling children to practice spelling and writing while having fun. 


🚀With this captivating and educational playdoh mat set, you can nurture your kids' enthusiasm for space exploration and foster their learning in an interactive way. 


Included in the Space Playdoh Mat set:

- 15 different mats featuring captivating space visuals.

- Traceable space words that facilitate spelling and writing practice. 


Helpful Tips:

- To ensure durability and repeated use, consider placing each mat in a plastic page protector or laminating it. This way, your kids can enjoy the set for a longer period of time.

Space Playdoh Mats

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